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    These 3 varieties of habanero arrived via UPS from Cross County Nurseries on October 7th…  I proceeded to make the sauce that evening.  The red peppers are Caribbean Red and are the mildest of the lot. The tiny peppers are Aribibi Gusano and pack a punch.  They are also called “caterpillar peppers” because they resemble little caterpillars… Place 1/8 of a pepper on any dish and the diner will know when it is ingested as a bolt of lightning will strike the gullet… The large yellow peppers are ranked the hottest in the world, over 1,000,000 Scovilles, and are called Moruga Scorpion Yellow.  One must be careful handling any of these – gloves are recommended, but I usually give my hands a good scrubbing afterwards.

    I modified a recipe that Pepper Joe posted on his recipes page: http://www.pepperjoe.com/sauces/


    • - 12 habanero peppers (1 Moruga Gusano, 3 Caribbean Reds, 8 Aribibi Gusanos)
    • - 2 carrots
    • - 1 lg. onion
    • - 6 cloves of garlic
    • -1/2 tbs. salt
    • -1/4 tbs. white pepper
    • - 1 lime (also use at least 1/4 of the peel)
    • - 8 tbs. white vinegar

    Cut habanero peppers in half and remove seeds. Drop in boiling water for 30 seconds to blanche. (handle with care) Remove peppers and put onion, carrots and garlic cloves into boiling water and cook until tender. Squeeze juice from lime and combine all ingredients and put in blender. First chop, then blend at high speed. done!

    Just put in wide-mouth jar and store in fridge. Spoon out this hot sauce as needed. Delicious on cheesesteaks, hamburgers, pizza, or added to soups, chili, tomato sauce. Also can scrub garage floors.

    The result is a tangy, spicy sauce with the consistency of caviar, the lime really adds flavor and the base lessens the heat factor.  Goes great on crackers with cream cheese!



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